Overthrow is a local multiplayer game based on asymmetrical control. One player uses the Leap Motion device to control a hand. The team of the other up to three players uses regular controllers.

God hand interaction within menu

The hand has to affect environment objects to distract the team of players from proceeding through the level and harm a relic they are carrying. The teams' goal is to carry the relic to the end of the level. The god hands goal is to destroy the relic successfully before the goal is reached.


The game intents to create a vibrant and challenging party game atmosphere.

Three players vs. god hand

Playdate, exhibition at ITU

By: Nils Rungholm Jensen, Jonathan Klinkby Jørgensen, Julia Lotzow, Lucas Hombrobueno Malling, Jeppeh Martin Olsen


Overthrow is a game about being or defeating a powerful god hand.

Game Designer