InnoGames Game Jam 2016

MaskMania is a game developed during InnoGames Game Jam 2016 as part of Gamescom under the theme “masks”.

We wanted to create a fun and challenging multiplayer game.
With MaskMania you can battle your friends within an arena, last player standing wins. Different masks grant different special attacks. Trigger a special attack by using rubber ducks as alternative controls! (MakeyMakey kit has been used to set up controls)

Tobii EyeX eyetracking device in use with the developed game

Nordic Game Jam 2016

Traingers was developed during Nordic Game Jam 2016 under the theme “leak”.

It is a game about encounters with strangers on a train.

The theme inspired us to focus on leaks of emotion and information from strangers through eye contact. Using an eyetracker the player looks at aliens to elicit their personal stories. Aliens that the player doesn’t listen to leave and new ones appear while a musician plays music to suit each of their moods.

The aliens' stories were provided by other participants at the jam who we recorded.

Game Jams

Game Designer, Producer