The first player has to control a flashlight “behind the stage”. By moving the flashlight the player is able to control the position and scale of the shadows.

The second player is controlling a character “in front of the stage”, which is able to walk on the casted shadows from the first player.

In each level a goal has to be reached, which can only be achieved by cooperation.

Gameplay scene showing both screen perspectives

The game is meant to be played on two separated screens. The players cannot see each other’s screens to strengthen the live communication that is needed to succeed.

Playdate, exhibition at ITU

Left: View for flashlight player – Right: View for character player

Behind the stage + in front of stage

Level Design for Little Mermaid Level

By: Stefano Belloli, Julia Lotzow, Martin Nygaard, Sophia Soll, Paul Ziehmer


Gloominous is a game about cooperation between two players within the stage of a shadow theatre